Leaving Early For Siargao From Surigao

This is a continuation of my previous post Taking the long way: Cebu to Nasipit to Surigao.
When we arrived in Surigao around 10:30am we could've taken the next trip to Siargao which departs at 11:45am. But we needed to stay in Surigao for a day before heading to Siargao.

4:00 AM

Our alarm was set at this time, however, maybe due to excitement I woke up half an hour earlier.

It was still dark when we walked outside our hotel, streets were still empty but a few tricycles we're already passing by. We hailed one and went to the pier.

When we got there, people are already lining up to take their seat, good thing we were a bit earlier. There are a couple of boats that leave for Siargao, LQP and Dapa express are the ones you can take. They leave around 5am(ish) or when the boat is full.

Note: The next trip to Dapa, Siargao leaves around between 11:30am - 11:45am

Off we go

I always feel like were getting closer to our destination.

We didn't wait too long, the boat was full and ready to leave just before sunrise. A lot of us we're still sleepy during the trip but when the sun came up, it quickly became warmer inside and I decided to just stay outside.

We passed by a couple of small and big islands, some uninhabited. A great view to start the morning.

Are we there yet?

People eagerly waiting to arrive to our destination. I was also getting a bit impatient. I was going back and forth to the front and back of the boat just to keep my mind occupied. It's a two hour boat ride going to Dapa.

A little later we passed by a very big cargo ship. I was wondering what they were carrying until we passed by a smaller tug boat carrying soil from a distant island. I was surprised that there were a couple of islands being mined, I assume it's going to be shipped to China (for obvious reasons).

It's a bit sad seeing this picture, I hope our government can do something about this. It's such a waste that our natural resources are not being efficiently used by us but being imported outside our country.

After a while, the horn sounded signaling that we've arrived in Dapa, finally!

Sometimes taking the long way might not really seem a bad idea. Yes, there are small inconveniences along the way but you see things in a different perspective, something that you can get used to if you come back to Siargao again.