Creating Your
Morning Routine

Life here is pretty simple, you can get caught up without doing anything and be less productive throughout the day. It can make you lazy because there's just nothing to do. But it's all up to you. Here's how we prepare for the day

Eat: Morning Coffee

Living in Siargao, we wake up depending on the tide but most of the time it's between 5am - 6am. Whoever wakes up first goes to the kitchen to make coffee or buy some pan de surf to pair with our caffeine fix. It's our daily routine before going out to surf in the morning.

Surf: Get your stoke in the morning

It's already a habit of mine to check Magicseaweed what time the high tide is, so we know what time to wake up, I sometimes wake up as early as 4am just to be first on the lineup. After having coffee and doing our "morning rituals", it's time to surf.

Sleep: After Surf

After showering off that salty hair, get a good nap to prepare you for the rest of your day. I usually do my work after this and if the surf is good in the afternoon I grab my board and surf before the sun sets. What better way to end the day. Tomorrow is another day.