Adding A Little Bit Of Convenience

About 9 months of fetching water from the deep well really helped us in our surfing. A plastic bucket attached to a bamboo stick so we could reach down the water below or simply pumping that metal bar off the water pump. It was some sort of mandatory exercise. You needed to get up early and fill 4 large buckets everyday and no one was complaining back then. Now fast forward, we recently finished constructing our shared bathroom.

Before this, we only had 1 bathroom, that includes the toilet as well. In the morning, when one needs to use it, the other person needed to wait for their turn. Depending on the urgency, they'll have to discuss who goes in first.

Now, our guests don't have to worry about that since we recently finished our shared bathroom together with our water tank so we can have running water. There's 1 outdoor shower, 1 indoor shower, and 2 toilets. Our favorite is the outdoor shower, after a good surf session our surfboards get to shower first.

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A loft-style native kubo bungalow with 2 queen sized beds. Perfect for travel buddies that don't want to share a single bed.